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Juicing For Health Conditions – Quick Reference Guide | Health Juices - Healthy Drinks

Juicing For Health Conditions – Quick Reference Guide | Health Juices - Healthy Drinks
You can use the following list of fruits and vegetables whenever you need some additional help to ease the current or prevent the potential health conditions. This is a very flexible, quick and dirty list. When preparing your healthy and refreshing juices, make sure that you use the indicated combinations of ingredients only as an approximate guide. In many cases, more elaborate recipes should be used.
Juice for heart and intestinal inflammation - orange, raspberry, bananaAnti-cellulite juice -pineapple, raspberries, kiwi, red grapefruitJuice for regulation of blood pressure -apples, raspberries, blackberries, strawberriesJuice for shiny and smooth skin -orange, banana, mangoAnother juice for the skin -kiwi, lime, strawberry, strawberry yogurtAnti-aging juice -orange, pineapple, kiwiAnother anti-aging juice -fresh strawberries, mangoesQuick refreshment juice -orange, banana, limeAnother quick refreshment juice -lime, ice, mineral waterJuice for additional energy -kiwi, bananas, orangesRecovery juice -pear, kiwi, limeJuice for digestive problems -kiwi, celery, applesAnother juice to treat digestive disorders -apple, orange, pineappleJuice for the skin and for boosting of the energy levels -papaya, banana, orange, strawberryJuice for general detoxification -papaya, cucumber, orangeJuice to stimulate fat breakdown -papaya, pineapple, limeJuice against stress -apples, strawberries, raspberries, bananasAnother anti-stress juice -beetroot, apple, lemonJuice to treat anemia -apple, blackberry, cinnamon powderJuice as an energy source -carrots, oranges, bananasAnti-inflammatory juice -carrots, pineapple, limeJuice for protection against colds and flu -carrots, mangoes, orangesJuice against muscle inflammation -pineapple, mangoJuice for overall vitality -red grapefruit, banana, mango, honeyJuice for a clear mind -lime, raspberry, orangeArthritis and rheumatism juice -cranberry, pineapple, blackberryJuice beneficial for the metabolism -red grapefruit, raspberry, lime, papaya, iceJuice for the morning hangover -strawberries, pineapple, orangeLiver and kidneys juice -pineapple, pear, cayenne pepperJuice to stabilize the sugar levels -pear, pineapple, limeJuice for headache and weakness -orange, pink grapefruitJuice against muscle cramps -red grapefruit, pineappleJuice for calming the stomach -carrots, celery, appleJuice to help the respiratory tract -celery, carrotsJuice for the nervous system of the body -strawberry, orangeHair and nails improvement juice -orange, cucumber, carrotJuice to improve eyesight -apples, carrotsJuice for the prostate -tomatoJuice for the immune system -tomatoes, carrotsPregnancy juice -beetroot, carrotJuice to fight fatigue -banana, kiwi, milk, honeyA quick meal in a glass -bananas, blackberries, yogurt, brown sugarAphrodisiac juice -bananas, strawberries, milk, strawberry yogurtJuice to improve the youth of the body and spirit -raspberries, strawberries, milk, strawberry yogurtPMS juice -orange, cranberry, raspberry, yogurtJuice for the urinary tract -cranberry, orange, yogurt, honey
Do you have a favorite juice combination or a "secret" recipe that helps alleviate some health problem?

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